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FX Prevent is proud to announce the completion of a LOX® Fire Prevention system, commissioned by world renowned Belgian food producers: VANDEMOORTELE, for their facility in Athies, France.
Vandemoortele is a Belgian family business founded in 1899 and has two main business lines: one in bakery products and the other in margarines, culinary oils and fats.
Vandemoortele has grown to be a truly international food company over more than a century because of their commitment to authentic cuisine, food tradition and technology. They hold a leading position in Europe within their core product categories and have a steady pace of expansion through both organic growth and acquisitions.
Vandemoortele approached FX Prevent with the request to design and build a LOX® Oxygen Reduction – Fire Prevention system for the refrigerated high-bay warehouse of their state of the art production facility located in Athies, France.
Being a fully automatic warehouse that operates at sub-zero temperature, Vandemoortele recognized the importance of taking the best possible preemptive measures in order to protect their investment and their workers against the potential of fire outbreaks.

Because ambient air is extremely dry in refrigerated warehouses, there is a much higher possibility of fire outbreaks due to possible malfunction of automation equipment or inadvertent sparks spreading much quicker.
It is therefore of the utmost importance to protect the warehouse by lowering the oxygen level to 16,8 % at which point, combustion becomes almost impossible.
One of the main reasons for Vandemoortele choosing the LOX Fire prevention system was the unmatched energy efficiency of our HP-PSA Nitrogen Generator Units. These are up to 50% more energy efficient that competitor units that use membrane technology or conventional PSA technology and also have a much longer life-cycle.
The chosen solution was a N+1 redundant system using our latest generation nitrogen production units.
The LOX® nitrogen extraction units feature a very compact but highly flexible design that allows for highly efficient system scaling.
The 30 meter high warehouse has a total volume of approximately 63.000 m3. Keeping into account the input and output of the warehouse and the inherent air leakage, we designed and build a LOX® Oxygen reduction – Fire Prevention system capable of producing 465 m3 of nitrogen (in gas form)/hour.
Our nitrogen production units are build using only top of the range subcomponents and the design of the units make access to subcomponents easy lowering downtime during maintenance operations.

The system consists of 4 nitrogen production units working together to ensure an airflow of 465m3/hour with a Nitrogen level of 95%.

By pumping the hypoxic air (95% nitrogen) into the cold store, the oxygen level is lowered to 16,8%, and automatically held at this level at all times.
The compressed air supply needed for the LOX® Nitrogen extraction units is provided by two compressors in order to achieve N+1 redundancy (55 kW/h compressor + 30 kW/h compressor). Backup capacity is provided for by the plant compressed air facilities. The local compressed air facility has been supplied by FX-Prevent and includes Dryers, filters, oil water separator and particle filtering for the produced nitrogen. The compressed air is conditioned to meet ISO 8573-2010-15 / A01-B04-C01 air quality. The HP-PSA Nitrogen generators further reduce the dew point of the produced nitrogen to -70 deg C.
In order to properly monitor the oxygen level in the protected area, FX Prevent also delivered and installed twelve OX Precision Oxygen Sensors in the protected area as well as 5 more OX sensors in the adjacent rooms and the technical room.

These maintenance-free low-drift oxygen sensors use Zirconium-dioxide elements, feature 5 point calibration, are not susceptible to barometric pressure changes and have an industry leading accuracy with a tolerance of just 0,1%;

The system also features 5 LCD displays (with real-time oxygen level reading) mounted next to the doors in adjacent rooms and 1 LCD display (with real-time oxygen level reading) in the technical room.
For optimum monitoring of the system, the LOX® control unit that centralises all the sensors and controls the nitrogen production units will also be integrated to the customers central fire and building management system.
Because of the energy efficiency of our LOX® nitrogen production units and their long life-cycle we are firmly convinced Vandemoortele will achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership for this system, and we are looking forward to collaborating with them on future projects.
If you would like to learn more about the Vandemoortele and their core business, please visit their website.
FX Prevent – After Sales Services
Customer satisfaction and the quality of our work are our top priorities when servicing our customers, so here at FX Prevent, we have our own experienced installation and service team comprised of highly skilled service technicians (VCA basic safety certified) who can perform the maintenance of the LOX fire prevention systems and of the compressed air installations.
We offer various maintenance models on the basis of an hourly rate or in the form of a maintenance contract, both within the Netherlands and abroad, and we also collaborate with reliable service engineer teams in several countries so as to prevent unnecessary maintenance costs for our customers.
For more information about the LOX Fire Prevention Systems and their application in Cold Stores (refrigerated storage), please get in touch with us.

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