The best mobile (plug and play) oxygen reduction – fire prevention system on the market.


For customers that need a flexible and mobile LOX® system we have created the LOX® Compact PnP units.


Provided that the room to be protected is reasonably air tight, the LOX® Compact PnP can be deployed without any modifications to the room. In a matter of hours (depending on room size and airtightness) the oxygen level in the protected area is lowered (made inert) to a point where the combustion of vapours or materials becomes impossible because of the shortage of oxygen. This permanently prevents fire or explosion from occurring. The LOX® Compact PnP systems can be used for spaces that require a capacity of up to 30m³ of Nitrogen per hour in order to create and maintain the hypoxic environment.

Once deployed, the LOX® Compact PnP brings the oxygen level down to 15-17% by generating Nitrogen and introducing it in the protected space. This reduces the possibility of combustion or explosion while still making it possible for employees to access these protected rooms without needing the aid of a breathing apparatus.

A LOX® Compact PnP system consists of a compressor, a nitrogen generator, and an oxygen measuring system all operated through the LOX® Controller. The unit is also fitted with a strobe light and an alarm horn for the enhanced safety of the personnel.

The oxygen measuring system translates the partial oxygen pressure measured into a clear indication in percentages for the users. The LOX® controller is easily integrable into other systems such as: a complete fire alarm system and/or a building/warehouse management system. Any system alarms are registered by the control unit and automatically forwarded to our service department or to your technical support service depending on the preferred service and maintenance agreement.


High Performance PSA (HP-PSA)

Using the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology, FX and PRESSCON have developed a completely new system (HP – High Performance) that eliminates the drawbacks experienced by traditional PSA systems.
The HP technology distinguishes itself by an optimized airflow in the system and an unique press-on system for the active coal. These improvements result in a system that is environmental friendly with a significantly longer service life and a lower energy consumption. Our proprietary compression canisters need less than 2m³ of compressed air in order to generate 1m³ of 95% purity Nitrogen. Other systems on the market can not reach this level of efficiency, often needing up to 3m³ of compressed air in order to generate 1m³ of nitrogen. Besides lower energy usage this also means that by using a LOX® system, a lower capacity air compressor will be needed in order to ensure the desired air volumes. In comparison to the traditional PSA technology, the HP-PSA offers energy savings up to 30%, and when compared to the membrane based technology, energy savings can reach 50%. Thanks to the modular design of the LOX®, we can provide our customers with systems that are built specifically for the needs of their project.

Other advantages of the HP-PSA technology are:
  • Optimal air flow and enclosed carbon bed for a low chance of carbon dust formation;
  • Long lifespan of the carbon, therefore lower depreciation;
  • Provided with an integrated dryer, so no refrigerated dryer is required;
  • Low compressed air factor, meaning reduced electricity consumption and a lower capacity compressor;
  • Any desired nitrogen purity can be reached, up to 99.99% – while 99% is the standard;
  • Modular structure for cost-effective and easy maintenance.
Redundancy capabilities:

Because the LOX® Compact PnP is a complete self-standing unit, full redundancy can be achieved by simply installing a second identical LOX® Compact PnP unit to act as a backup. In situations where the electricity tariff is lower at night the redundant unit can be configured to also function during the night and lower the oxygen level even further so that the system can then run at a lower capacity throughout the day.

Innovation, quality and flexibility

All our products are developed and assembled in our own factory in Honselersdijk and have evolved around the core values of our company: innovation, quality and flexibility. Having production under our own management, makes us a highly flexible organization. This enables us to build to your specifications to deliver a custom installation which reflects your requirements, rather than just a standard product.
Maximum Security and considerably lower operation costs:
FX Prevent offers you competitively priced systems, with a considerable long-term operation and cost-efficient maintenance.

24/7  Service-line

Our 24/7 service line is ready to offer you day and night the support and quality that you expect.

Preventing rather than extinguishing!

A proactive approach that lowers your risks and increases your company’s continuity.

Environmentally friendly

Our innovative fire prevention systems offer safety for your personnel and the environment.

Innovation, quality and flexibility

Our products have evolved around the core values of our company: innovation, quality and flexibility.

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