We do not extinguish fire we prevent it!

By reducing the oxygen levels by just a few percentage, we strongly reduce the possibility of fire or explosion, while keeping the space accessible to personnel. This makes our fire and explosion prevention systems, the LOX® Line – Low Oxygen Systems – the ultimate fire safety measure.


LOX®: The most energy efficient oxygen reduction system on the market.

LOX® Compact

The LOX® fire prevention system, specially designed for smaller air capacity requirement such as: silo’s, small rooms, cargo ships, storage cabinets, etc.

LOX® Compact PnP

The LOX® Compact “Plug and Play” system can be used for spaces that require a capacity of up to 30m³ of Nitrogen per hour in order to create and maintain an hypoxic environment.


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24/7  Service-line

Our 24/7 service line is ready to offer you day and night the support and quality that you expect.

Preventing rather than extinguishing!

A proactive approach that lowers your risks and increases your company’s continuity.

Environmentally friendly

Our innovative fire prevention systems offer safety for your personnel and the environment.

Innovation, quality and flexibility

Our products have evolved around the core values of our company: innovation, quality and flexibility.

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