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At the beginning of this year FX Prevent had the privilege of delivering another high efficiency LOX® Fire Prevention system for an automated cold store in Europe.

The Challenge:

A couple of years ago an Oxygen reduction system had been installed by one of our competitors, but unfortunately this system had not matched up to the customer’s expectations.
Due to repeated malfunctions and fluctuating and unpredictable energy consumption, the decision was made to invest in a more reliable and energy efficient solution.
After all the due diligence was done, the LOX® Fire prevention System from FX Prevent came up on top and we were awarded the project.

Our Solution:

In order to match the requirements of this project we designed and built a LOX® Fire Prevention System with a production capacity of 150 m3 of 95% pure Nitrogen/hour.
In order to produce this capacity, the system uses of one 15 Kw compressor and one 30Kw compressor, together providing the required 270 m3 of compressed air.
This system is configured to use the 30Kw compressor as much possible during night hours (when energy rates are lower), and if needed to use the 15Kw compressor during the day.
The system also makes use of our proprietary OX® – High precision oxygen sensors as well as of our LOX® Controller with remote monitoring.

Project Details:

Protected Area: 90.000 m3
Temperature inside protected area: -25°
Warehouse application: storage of frozen foods
Required oxygen level: 17%
Oxygen Sensor Calibration: sealevel, barometric pressure: 1,013 mBar and an exterior temperature of 20° C.
Redundancy(spare) capacity: 25%
Projected Airtightness N50 Value: 0,02
Type of pallets used: 100x120x225 mm (3m3)
Average input and output loads (one sluice opening per pallet movement):
  • Input 125 pallets/day
  • Output 125 pallets/day
FX Prevent – After Sales Services
Customer satisfaction and the quality of our work are our top priorities when servicing our customers. At FX Prevent we have our own experienced installation and service team comprised of highly skilled service technicians (VCA safety certified) who can perform the maintenance of the LOX® fire prevention systems and of the compressed air installations.
We offer various maintenance models on the basis of an hourly rate or in the form of a maintenance contract, both within the Netherlands and abroad, and we also collaborate with reliable service engineer teams in several countries so as to prevent unnecessary maintenance costs for our customers.

For more information about the LOX® fire prevention systems and their application in Cold Stores (refrigerated storage)
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