LOX® Detect – Precision Oxygen Sensor – the most precise and low drift linear oxygen sensors available today.


Designed and produced at our plant in Honselersdijk, the Netherlands, our sensors are configurable for a wide range of applications, and can easily be adapted for unforeseen applications because of our proprietary software.

Product specifications:

  • Oxygen concentration range – 0.10 % to 25% (1000 to 250000 PPM);

  • Minimum detection limit: 0,01 PPM;

  • Sensor response time: 70 sec;

  • Signal output: 4-20mA;

  • Sensor warranty : 1 year;

  • Sampling method: Diffusion;

  • Precision: 0,1%;

  • 1 dry contact (relay).

Some of the distinct benefits of the LOX Detect – Precision Oxygen sensor are:

  • Linear voltage sensor that measures the volume percentage of oxygen in ambient air;
  • Industry leading accuracy with a tolerance of just 0,1%;
  • Full software calibration;
  • Calibration is done using 5 calibration points;
  • Calibration does not need to be carried out in a specialised environment, so the system can be calibrated on the spot;
  • Not susceptible to barometric pressure changes;
  • Sensors also feature internal monitoring and give out alarms in case they need to be recalibrated or in case of a malfunction;
  • Fully configurable alarm parameters, so that the user isn’t limited to standard alarm thresholds;
  • Zirconium-dioxide element for temperatures between -30° to +85°;
  • Infrared sensor for temperatures between 0° to +40°;
  • Our zirconium-dioxide sensors have an expected life cycle of 8 years;
  • Highly Resistant assembly frame made from aluminum;
  • No maintenance required (only periodic sensor calibration)

The LOX Detect – Precision Oxygen Sensors made by FX Prevent, are one of the most advanced permanent oxygen measurement tools available today and can be used in a for various industries and applications, such as:

  • Oxygen and Nitrogen generators
  • Cold/refrigerated storage
  • Power plants
  • Landfills
  • Natural gas and petrochemical
  • Mining industry
  • Low Oxygen Level training (Altitude training)
  • Food industry
  • Climate monitoring
  • Exhaust gas Analysis
  • Aircraft industry
  • Breweries
Innovation, quality and flexibility

All our products are developed and assembled in our own factory in Honselersdijk and have evolved around the core values of our company: innovation, quality and flexibility.

Having production under our own management, we are highly flexible organization. This enables us to build to your specifications to deliver a custom installation which reflects your requirements, rather than just a standard product.

Maximum Security and considerably lower operating costs:
FX Prevent offers you competitively priced systems, with a considerable long-term operation and cost-efficient maintenance.

Our LOX® Detect – Precision Oxygen Sensor has been fully tested by VdS Inspection Services and is one of the few VdS-Approved

24/7  Service-line

Our 24/7 service line is ready to offer you day and night the support and quality that you expect.

Preventing rather than extinguishing!

A proactive approach that lowers your risks and increases your company’s continuity.

Environmentally friendly

Our innovative fire prevention systems offer safety for your personnel and the environment.

Innovation, quality and flexibility

Our products have evolved around the core values of our company: innovation, quality and flexibility.

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