We deliver and install our LOX® Oxygen Reduction – fire prevention systems worldwide. In order to do this to the best of our abilities, we collaborate with a number of highly skilled and respected partners.


Sales representative for FRANCE

Company: ELCSI

Contact Person: Eric Lejars


Sales representative for Germany and Latin American Countries

Company: Remtech Germany


  • Katharina-Julia Pohl

  • Hendrik Greilich


Sales representative for Spain and Portugal

Company: CMC Solutions

Contact person: Juan Jose Merlo


Sales representative for Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland

Company: Remtech Nordic


  • Nils H Sopp

  • Thomas J Sopp


Sales representative for Asia and Australia

Company: CMC Solutions

Contact person: Marcus Jap


24/7  Service-line

Our 24/7 service line is ready to offer you day and night the support and quality that you expect.

Preventing rather than extinguishing!

A proactive approach that lowers your risks and increases your company’s continuity.

Environmentally friendly

Our innovative fire prevention systems offer safety for your personnel and the environment.

Innovation, quality and flexibility

Our products have evolved around the core values of our company: innovation, quality and flexibility.

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