We do not extinguish fire, we prevent it!

By reducing the oxygen levels by just a few percentage, we strongly reduce the possibility of fire or explosion, while keeping the space accessible to personnel. This makes our fire and explosion prevention systems, the LOX® Line – Low Oxygen Systems – the ultimate fire safety measure. All the systems we produce use our state of the art nitrogen generators, with proprietary control units and oxygen sensors.

Here are a few examples of industries that have already successfully adopted the
oxygen reduction fire prevention technologies:

Li-ion Battery Storage

Insuring a risk-free environment is paramount when dealing with high-capacity battery warehousing. The LOX® Low Oxygen Systems represent the best fire prevention solutions available for Li-ion Battery Storage.

Server Rooms

Proactively preventing fire is much more feasible that extinguishing it, especially for the high value equipment found in any server room; in the same time minimizing any potential for server downtime as a result of fire damage.

Refrigerated warehouse

The risk associated to a low level of air humidity of any refrigerated area is eliminated by lowering the oxygen level to a value at which point combustion becomes impossible

Hazardous substances storage

When dealing with hazardous substances or materials warehouses, a modern and efficient fire prevention system is of utmost importance.


Items stored in the protected areas in museums are flammable and extremely valuable, preventing fire proactively is much more feasible than suppressing it.

Cellulose storage

Cellulose storage facilities have a lot of fire prone materials, which increase significantly the risks for the personnel and the company. A reduced oxygen level environment eliminates these risks.

Archives storage

Due to the flammable nature of materials usually found in an archive room, proactively preventing fire is the most rational approach.


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Our innovative fire prevention systems offer safety for your personnel and the environment.

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